Virtual Machine:

Full VM specifications can be found here: Kai Server Specifications

Kai Server:

  • Added the ability to schedule periodic calls.
  • Added number of steals to Employee Comparison Report.
  • Optionally allow a card in at any machine at a bank to allow arrival at a call at that bank
  • Log MEALs with the call at a machine if there is one
  • Fixed a bug where the dispatcher would wait 5 minutes to reconnect to the interface server in the event of a network error.
  • Add multicast event consumption from SDS.

Kai Configuration Website:

  • Scheduled Calls Configuration.
  • Added ability to filter unmapped events.
  • Sort per cents numerically on the reports page
  • All reports can be emailed regularly
  • Text message reports can be sent regularly
  • Add all participants in a chat to the chat log report
  • Display zone descriptions in employee role and zones report

iOS Clients:

  • No changes