Virtual Machine:

As Kai continues to mature, we've notice the need to add disk space and to allocate more memory.  These additions will allow us to retain more information relating to calls and to produce reports and run Kai more efficiently. In order to upgrade to Kai 4.8 you will need to:

  • Add 4GB of additional RAM bringing the server total to 8GB.
  • Add an additional volume to the VM.  The size of the volume will be dependent on existing volume sizes and utilization and can be assessed prior to editing the VM.  This can be anywhere from 100GB to 200GB.

Full VM specifications can be found here: Kai Server Specifications

Kai Server:

  • Event history cache is now more storage efficient.
  • Fixed report lag.
  • Corrected Labor Utilization report.
  • Chat report now includes images when media is enabled for chat.
  • Precluded users with the ability to edit permissions from elevating their own permissions.
  • New report: Employee Comparison.
    • Compare employees across several dispatch call types.
  • New report: Permission Definitions
    • List and explain all Kai permissions
  • New report: Permissions List
    • Lists the permissions associated with the site, departments, roles, and users.
  • Introduced new API.
  • Fixed a bug that caused calls to be dispatched when an a Speed Call is active at a machine.
  • Fixed a bug with he Employee Zones and Roles report where the report showed id_zone instead of the zone description.
  • Fixed a bug where the dispatcher would wait 5 minutes to reconnect to the interface server in the event of a network error.
  • Added a null pointer check.

Kai Configuration Website:

  • New Zones editing UI

iOS Clients:

  • Fixed bug with Manual Availability Override.
  • Fixed bug with calls being sorted by location.
  • Removed sort by age from patron explorer because it caused an enormous amount of lag.
  • Fixed bug with call zones in multi-department setups.
  • Fixed bug with client not receiving messages while the device is asleep.
  • Fixed a bug when grouping calls by zone and sorting by location.