This document outlines the steps for setting up Kai. It falls into the following major sections:

  • Kai VM
  • Slot Interface
  • Wireless Setup
  • Firewall Setup

Kai VM

  • Download Vsphere Image from http://downloads.acres4.net/kai.ova.
  • Bring up the VM with following Specs
    • Reserved DHCP lease so Server IP is known and will not change.
    • 8 GB RAM
    • 4 Virtual CPUs (only about 4% utilization currently but needed for multi-threading efficiency)
    • 190 GB Storage (defaults from OVA)
    • 100 IOPS from SAN
  • Designate upstream NTP server
  • Designate upstream DNS server

Slot Interface

The Kai VM will need network routing and login credentials to the slot accounting system. 

Below are the typical (though by no means universal) set of ports and credentials required based on type of Slot Accounting system. Note that the JDBC driver doesn't support Windows Domain logins so credentials must specify a local database user.

  • Konami KCMS Oracle
    • Access to port 1521 of ems.filsvr.fil.com DB Server
    • dispatch and DAL credentials
  • ATI Oasis
    • Access to port 1433 (MSSql) of WinOasis DB Server
    • WinOasis DB read only credentials
  • IGT Advantage
    • Access to port 1433 (MSSql) of Accounting DB Server
    • Accounting DB read only credentials
    • Access to port 1433 (MSSql) of PlayerManagement DB Server
    • PlayerManagement DB read only credentials
  • Note that these two Databases are commonly hosted on a single fault tolerant server.
  • IGT CommHub/ADI
    • 1433 (MSSql) of replicated Accounting DB Server
    • Replicated Accounting DB read only credentials
    • 44965 (CommHub) to CommHub Server
    • 8096 (ADI) to ADI Server
  • SDS Classic (V10.x and below)
    • 1433 (MSSql) of CMP Server
    • Route from SDS to port 9876 on Kai VM
  • SDS Windows (V11.0 and above)
    • 1433 (MSSql) of CMP Server
    • Route from SDS to port 9876 on Kai VM
  • ACSC
    • 446 (AS400/DB2) of ASCS Server
    • Route from ACSC to port 9876 on Kai VM

Wireless Setup

Kai IOS clients require a wireless network to communicate with the Kai server.  The wireless network needs to have good coverage (we recommend  at least 20 dB Signal to Noise Ratio) for all operational areas.   We highly recommend the wireless system support 802.11a, 802.11k, 802.11r and 802.11v otherwise there will be a performance impact as employees roam between access points.

  • SSID with WPA2 Authentication and QOS disabled
  • DHCP service for wireless clients
  • NTP service for clients
  • Route to port 443 on Kai VM 


Kai is a highly reliable product (it achieved a 99.988% uptime over the last 8 months). This reliability is achieved in part by allowing Acres 4.0 rapid access to the Kai.  Acres4 recommends (but does not require) access from our central support system at to port 22 (SSH maintenance) on the Kai VM

The following is a list of domains that access will be attempted by Acres4 devices.  The system will function with or without this access:

  • *.apple.com
  • *.acres4.net