iOS Clients

  • New feature: Follow a Player. Users can select a specific patron to follow and filter for calls involving that patron
  • Added option to create chat conversations with all users of the same role as the current user
  • Added option to hide slept calls and breaks
  • Added Call View options to change how calls are filtered and grouped on the iPod, similar to the options available on the iPad
  • Groups of calls are now collapsible and can be expanded as needed on the iPod
  • Patron card utilization will now show uncarded play count
  • New property value setting to allow replay of more than one Radio message: ”” default is one message, max is 10 messages
  • New property value setting to default all users to available status after accepting a call, which would require each user to manually choose to be unavailable after accepting a call: ”require.manual.availability.override = true” to enable
  • New property value setting to play "Connection lost" messages while in the foreground: ” = true” to enable
  • Dropped zones will be properly noted in Floor Explorer
  • Fixed swipe functionality


  • Roles can now be moved between departments
  • Fixed issues with Jackpot level configuration
  • Users can now have an unlimited number of roles
  • Users can now create new departments
  • Lightning has been integrated


  • New feature: Table Calls. On IGT systems, Kai can dispatch calls for opening tables, closing tables, and changing betting limits for Blackjack
  • Custom zones replace section associations from older versions of Kai. View Zones Overhaul for more information.